Your Ultimate Honeymoon Packing List

By Alice Prendergast, on 26/11/18
Alice Prendergast
Your Ultimate Honeymoon Packing List
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From bandages to bathing suits, this is everything you’ll want to put on your honeymoon packing list your first getaway as a married couple.

Your honeymoon will probably be the best holiday of your life and you’ll want to be prepared for every grand adventure that it takes you on. If you have a tendency to overpack or underpack, we’re here to help you out. We’ve created a honeymoon packing list of all your must-have items that’ll take you from the beach to Michelin star restaurants.

Here is your ultimate honeymoon packing list.

These are the must-have items for your honeymoon packing list that you absolutely cannot leave home without. Do yourself a favour and double check your bag for these goods before you call a taxi or Uber or you may not be allowed to leave the country.

Carry-on must-haves
Remember, you won’t have access to anything you put into your checked bag until you touch down in your destination, so you’ll want to be mindful when packing your carry-on. These are the things that’ll keep you entertained and sane while travelling from point A to point B.

Her honeymoon packing list
Overpacking is a major honeymoon no-no, so you’ll want to be mindful when choosing your outfits and toiletries. This list is meant for warmer climates, so if you’re heading to Reykjavik for your holiday, you’ll probably want to throw in some cozier pieces. Pro tip: choose items that won't get wrinkled in your suitcase - you don’t want to spend hours attempting to steam out any unwanted creases.

His honeymoon packing list
Gents, it’s your turn to pack your bags. Consider how many days you're going for, review your itinerary for guidance and then start putting together your luggage. Keep in mind that this list is geared toward sunnier holiday destinations, so if you’re headed for a snowy chalet, you’re going to need to add a few extra layers.

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