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The Best New Year’s Resolutions for Engaged Couples

By Monica Lorraine, on 02/01/19
Monica Lorraine
The Best New Year’s Resolutions for Engaged Couples
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Tying the knot in 2019? Then start the year right with the best New Year’s resolutions to make planning your wedding a breeze.

Take advantage of this new year to make some realistic resolutions that’ll keep you calm and happy while planning your big day. Our advice is to keep it simple! Here are the five best New Year’s resolutions for couples getting married in 2019. You’ll find that you can and should maintain these resolutions throughout your life.

Here are five of the best New Year’s resolutions for your 2019.

Develop healthier daily habits

It’s important to develop healthy habits before your wedding, both for your body and your mind. The best New Year’s resolutions need to be realistic so choose just a few things you’d like to improve. For example, reduce the amount of sweets that you eat and exercise on a regular basis. There are plenty of things that you can do to get in shape for your wedding, whether it’s taking a yoga class or trying more intensive workouts. If you don’t exercise regularly, experiment and find what you enjoy most. This is the only way you’ll stick with it. A good way to build healthy habits is to do it with your partner. Create a wedding diet plan and try new, healthier recipes together and go on hikes every weekend. Start creating a healthy routine for your future marriage.

Plan a debt-free wedding

Nobody wants to start their marriage with a huge debt hanging over their heads so this the absolute best New Year’s resolution for engaged couples. Start by talking frankly with your partner about how much you are able to spend. You can use the WeddingWire budget planner to easily put together a budget for every aspect of your wedding, from the flowers to the dress and all the details in between. If there is any extra left over, save it for the honeymoon. You have your whole lives to share special moments and your wedding won’t be the only one, so try to avoid unnecessary debt.

Schedule date nights

Another one the best New Year’s resolutions for engaged couples is to not spend all your precious time talking about your wedding. Trust me, sometimes you won’t be able to stop thinking about it and all the things you need to do. But resist and keep the flame alive by planning a weekly date. Visit a new town, try a new ethnic restaurant, whatever makes you be in the moment together and forget about the wedding. If you have children, you may find this more difficult, but try to get away at least one evening every month. That said, make sure to carve out some quality family time every week too.

Practice mindfulness

It’s important to have some “me” time without any distractions to take deep breaths and focus on yourself. There are some great meditation apps you can try or you can do a little light yoga every morning. If you have a dog, take those moments to breath and really notice your surroundings, be present. This practice of mindfulness might even help you better absorb all the little details of your wedding day. And it’ll do wonders for your mind and body!


Spend time with friends

Don’t forget about your dear friends who are also crucial for your mental sanity. Make time to meet with them. It’s a totally different kind of down time compared to the one-on-one moments with your fiancé(e), and it’s very important that you stay social, whether it’s in small or large groups. If you’re super busy, ask them to join you on your weekly hike or movie date.

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