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How to Choose Your Church Wedding Decorations

By Alice Prendergast, on 09/11/18
Alice Prendergast
How to Choose Your Church Wedding Decorations
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Saying your “I dos” in a church? Here’s how to decorate your ceremony space to make it even more magical.

If you’re going the traditional route with your wedding, there’s a good chance you’re hosting your ceremony in a church. Now, these hallowed halls are usually pretty wedding worthy without tons of added bits and bobs, but if you want to spruce yours up a bit with wedding decorations, there are a few things you can do. From finding the right source of inspiration to illuminating the pews with candles, we’ve got a few tips for you when trying to find the perfect church wedding decorations.

Here’s how to choose your church wedding decorations.

Get inspired
If this is phase one of planning your wedding, you’ll want to start by doing a little research. Head to Pinterest, Instagram or our real weddings section to see how other couples transformed churches for their big days. Save photos of church wedding decorations that you’re head over heels for - maybe it’s stunning aisle markers or beautiful candles surrounding the altar - and use those to guide you.

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Familiarize yourself with the existing decor
One of the great things about churches is that they’re usually pretty well decorated to begin with. If the church you’ve chosen for your wedding has some amazing accents (say, gorgeous stained glass windows or intricately carved pews?), don’t hide them - highlight them. Who knows, they might even inspire your other wedding decor choices.

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Colour match
Speaking of existing decor, you’ll want to pay close attention to the colour of it. Instead of playing a guessing game, take photos of the interior before you start shopping for flowers, candles and other bits and bobs. The last thing you want is for your church wedding decorations to clash with your church, so be mindful when selecting embellishments in bold shades (neutral tones are a pretty safe bet, regardless).

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Less is (sometimes) more
If the church you’re getting hitched at is already gussied up, you don’t need to deck it out in bunting and baubles. Think about going the simpler route and opt for minimalist aisle markers, altar arrangements and signage. Not only will this let the church’s beauty shine through, but it’ll also save you a couple quid.

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Light it up
Want to give your ceremony a little extra ambiance? Add candles to your shopping list. They can be used as altar decorations, aisle markers or scattered around the church to give your nuptials a warm glow. Word to the wise, before you invest in hundreds of candles, you’ll want to make sure the church allows you to light candles in the space (they’re sometimes considered fire hazards).

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