20 original messages for your thank you cards
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20 original messages for your thank you cards

Monica Lorraine

By Monica Lorraine, on 01/08/17

Before the Wedding


Your wedding would be impossible without the support of your friends and family who attend your wedding or send you nice gifts. You'll want to tell them how much you appreciate them. Here are 20 messages to help you send something extra special.

Experiencing your wedding with your guests is what will make your wedding the greatest day of your life. We're sure that your wedding guests will sense your appreciation of their assistance to your wedding, but it's important to tell each and every one thank you. The best way is by sending a thank you card, yes through snail mail. Trust us, they will appreciate it more than you can imagine, since fewer couples tend to send thank you cards and we think this is sad.

If you want to also tell guests thank you at your wedding, you can include a note in their seats at the banquet, with a sincere, personally written message. A written text of your own will be so much more authentic and special. However, we often find ourselves at a loss for words when it comes to writing a personal message for someone, especially if it's not someone you are very close to. This is why it helps to choose an existing text from another author, or getting inspired by poems and writings to create your own. We've put together these 20 original messages for your thank you cards.

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