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Audley Anderson

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Performer Soul Singer Audley Anderson is one of the UK's premier live Soul acts. Audley performs regularly across the UK and overseas at a wide range of hotels, events and venues.

A charismatic performer Audley feels at home on stage, with a concept know as his ’Journey Into Soul’. Not only a voyage into soul music, Audley describes a personal journey, from the world of a conglomorate to the live stage. He also delivers original self-penned songs from the story of his life in the corporate world to creating his career as an artist. Revealing the tapestry of what can only be described as a ‘Soulpera’!! Delivered with evocative images of the great 60's artists, retro TV idents and iconic historical events makes 'Journey Into Soul' a nostallgic voyage.

As a performer the show pays respects to the greats of Motown, the sounds of Philadelphia through to contemporary soul with a dash of original music.

Services offered

Audley will play a single 45 to 60 minutes set that takes audiences on a journey through the decades of soul music, starting with the 1960s and going through to the present day. He will do his best to engage and involve the audience, making for a very special performance.

How he works

Given that Audley is currently writing and recording his own debut album, he is happy to play with creative concepts on stage that expand his innovative vision. Audiences will be captivated by his diverse style and repertoire as well as his covers of songs by Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, and Ne-Yo, to name a few.

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