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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file downloaded on to the computer, Smartphone or tablet of the user. This file is used to gather information about the user’s navigation. Cookies keep track of the user’s session, improve the loading time of the website and avoid showing information the user already knows, etc.

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These types of cookies are used in to offer the best service to its users:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: these cookies are essential for the running the services the user expect to get. Without these cookies, the user will notice that contents and services would not function.
  • Analytical cookies: these cookies are used to monitor the performance of the user and to analyse patterns of users’ behavior
  • Advertising cookies: these cookies are needed to manage advertising campaigns by following different guidelines, such as the numbers of times an advertisement is seen.
  • Behavioral cookies: these cookies manage advertising campaigns following the specific user's profile.

If strictly analytical cookies, advertising cookies and behavioral cookies aren’t enabled it won’t concern you. However, successful advertisements that help bringing income will be affected, as well as the possibility to offer free services and contents.

Necessary to provide and adapt our services

Responsable Duration Name Description Session PHPSESSID Session identifier Life IT-NFD Analysis of user interaction Life GUID User session management Session HIDESCF Contest management Life PREF_GEO_IP_ID Navigation preferences Life PREF_GEO_IP Navigation preferences Life IE Last business visited Life FBM_<FB_APP_ID> Facebook signup Life FBSR_<FB_APP_ID> Facebook signup Life UC User session management Life USER_ID User session management Life USER_TIPO User session management Life BFP_UR Advertising system Session BFP_PEN Advertising system Session PTI Navigation analysis Session PT Navigation analysis 90 days LAYERREDIRECT Redirect between countries 90 days COM_RECENT_BADGES Community management 90 days SESS_SORTEO_VER Contest management 90 days EMP_USU_UV User session management 90 days EMP_USU_ID User session management 90 days UV User session management 90 days EMP_ID User session management 90 days EMPL_ID User session management 90 days RND_AVATAR Update avatar photo Session SCRI User session in Criteo Session WEB_ID Navigation preferences 90 days PB_COMENSALES Autocompletion of information 90 days PB_NAME Autocompletion of information 90 days PB_MAIL Autocompletion of information 90 days PB_TELEFONO Autocompletion of information 90 days PB_FECHA Autocompletion of information 90 days PB_ROL Autocompletion of information Session PB_REQUESTED_EMP Autocompletion of information 7 days EMP_CHECK_CF Communication with businesses 30 days EMP_CHECK_PRICE Communication with businesses 1 day EMP_PROPUESTA Communication with businesses 90 days CC_CMP Chat service 90 days PUSHER Chat service

For analysis and functional improvements

Owner Type Description More information
Google Analytics Analytics Web analysis service to track and report website traffic.
Facebook Advertising The purpose of this cookie is to measure, build and optimize audiences for our advertising campaigns. It allows to show announcements of the Portal in Facebook. Likewise, it helps Facebook to optimize also the campaigns that are carried out by any other advertiser through its portal.
Criteo Advertising Criteo uses cookies with the purpose of improving the relevance of the ads we show to users. We collect information of this type:
Events related to the activity of a user on the web (number of page views, products you have seen, searches).
Events related to our Ad Serving technology (how many ads we have shown). We collect this information to improve the advertising that is shown to a user and decide what products we show you. Criteo cookies do NOT collect personal or identifiable information about that user. Criteo cookies (acdc, udc, uic, uid) can be enabled from a number of different domains, including,,,,,,,,,,,,
Scorecard Research Analytics Web analysis service to track and report website traffic.
Optimizely Analytics Analysis service to understand how the website is used.

Information obtained by thanks to the use of these cookies (related to the users’ computer) may be combined with users’ personal data as long as they are registered in

Cookies deactivation

Users can choose at any time which cookies they want to activate on the website by:

Browser settings.

External alternatives.

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